What Makes Us Different?

We use small datasets to achieve drug discovery and development without the cost of a large infrastructure. As a result, we are able to cut costs and expedite the development timeline. 

Optim.AI does not rely on in silico, or synergy prediction-based methods for identifying combinations. 

We use actionable, real-time data from experimental/clinical studies to design research interrogation rationally and efficiently

Optim.AI is disease mechanism-independent and use case-agnostic. As such, it can be rapidly adapted to a broad range of applications. 

We identify the optimum in ingredients and dosage ratios simultaneously, resulting in globally optimal outputs.

Optim.AI Combination Discovery Process

Novel Combinations

Optimized for efficacy/toxicity


Accelerated Results

6-8 weeks In Vitro

Ranked by efficacy


Hundreds of experiments 
versus Thousands