About KYAN Therapeutics

KYAN Therapeutics is a clinical-stage AI biotechnology company that utilizes proprietary technology to transform the way patients are treated and how therapies are developed. Our clinically-validated platforms revolutionize drug development by de-risking and dramatically accelerating the process at a fraction of the cost of traditional models.

Optim.AI Platform

Optim.AI provides an efficient, experiment-backed, actionable approach to drug development. Rather than relying on pre-existing data or mechanistic assumptions, we use prospective disease-specific drug sensitivity. Ideal preprocessed datasets train our system to determine precise weightages of both single and combination drug responses for a large drug set. Our distinct ranking process then allows us to accurately gauge the relative efficacy and safety of therapies. Results are backed by real experimental data from preclinical and clinical studies.

Combination Therapy Optimization

Millions of potential combinations can be interrogated with one efficient study to find optimal combinations in weeks.

Biomarker Discovery

Combinatorial response data can be utilized to ascertain biomarkers.

Indication Prioritization

Comparison against standard of care to determination which drugs will outperform.

Patient Selection and Stratification

Determines patient sensitivity in as little as 5 days to choose the right patients to increase clinical trial success.

Parallel Studies

Track clinical trials to establish subgroup populations and derive maintenance doses with maximum efficacy and minimal toxicity.

Dosage Optimization

Using clinical data, pinpoint optimal dosages to retain patients and keep failure rates low.

Read more about the application of Optim.AI in various peer-reviewed journals.


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